Monday, August 8, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

It's the busy time of year when there's lots of produce to be dealt with.  This weekend I canned salmon, pickled bean, asparagus and carrots, and deydrated bananas (yum).  Here's a few pics.

This is pink salmon.  Hubby absconded with a jar already for his fishing buddy.  I told him, this is why I can foods.  Because in the winter when pink salmon costs a fortune in the store, I'll have home-canned delicious salmon that cost a fraction of store-bought.  And it will taste better.

This is a "before" shot of the last of the salmon.

I also laid in a supply of Campbell's Low-Salt Ready-to-Serve soups on sale 65% off.  One can is a meal for two and no extra water is needed (although it does want salt). 

I've got more canning to do; I'm happy to report that Miss Deadbeat refuses to eat home-canned food 'cause it might poison her.  I'm not going to tell her differently.

Butter is on sale this week, so I'm hoping to make clarified butter and can it.  Jackie Clay's canning book has a recipe with instructions on how long to process (60 minutes in hot water bath).  Yay!  Unfortunately, this book is not available from Amazon right now.  Go to Backwoods Home Magazine's website to get her book, Growing and Canning Your Own Food.

Hubby still is not on board with prepping, but I believing canning is a great strategy to keep him from giving away too much stuff. 


Badvoodoodaddy said...

The canning looks great. Good thing miss deadbeat does not know that home canned stuff is far better for her than the store bought stuff. Keep up the good work.

I said...

Personally I like to preserve such kind of vegetables - it's useful for winter!
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Writer said...

What is 'clarified butter'?


Ollamha Anne said...

Clarified butter, or ghee, is butter that has been melted, adn all the solids that have risen to the top skimmed off. This produces an "oil" that will keep at room temperature for a long period of time. It is available through Amazon - just search for "ghee". Or you can make your own. There are lots of videos on YouTube with instructions.

Writer said...

oh.. that's interesting. Thank you.

Harry Flashman said...

My brother lives up in Oregon on the coast. They can a lot of fish, not sure if it is Salmon. I don't like fish, except catfish, so we don't have any in our preparedness supplies. I have been reading about how people eat dried, salted cod in Scandinavia, thinking maybe I should look into it since they say it lasts forever.