Sunday, February 13, 2011

Healthy Living

I just received the latest newsletter from Backyard Food Production, and if you don't already subscribe, I strongly recommend that you do so.   The article is Part 1 on a series about health, and that it's more than just eating right.  I recently subscribed to this newsletter and have found that it is a no-fluff resource that always gives me something solid to think about.

Anyway, just as a bit of a teaser, and so you know why I really like this newsletter, the focus on the series is that the foundation of good health is diet and exercise.  Now, this is not "going on a diet", and "hitting the gym for a workout".  This is a lifestyle choice that focuses on eating food that has not been stripped of its value by chemical farming and over-processing, and a physical approach to life that rejects sedentary pursuits punctuated by harmful "workouts" that abuse your body.

Marjory Wildraft and the Backyard Food Production Team mention two books that have actually helped them be healthier, one of which is available through their bookstore:  Born to Run, and Pain Free.