Monday, March 28, 2011

Fear and Prepping in TV Land

I work in a call center as a retention agent for a large television service provider, and I have been seeing cracks in the walls of self-willed ignorance that many people shelter behind.  Times are tough and getting tougher, and people are looking to save money because what they have is not stretching near as far as it used to.  For many people, this means giving up TV. It's interesting though, how many people will accept a discount or cut back on how many channels they have instead of just going cold-turkey.  People think of television as a need. Or even as a right.

It's the nature of my job that I talk to a lot of people from every walk of life, and the more alert among them are frightened.  They see the writing on the wall, and can almost read it.  One lady I spoke with today used these very words:  "I'm frightened by what's going to happen next."  I really did want to tell her, cancel this vice, and put the money to better use.  She's not quite there yet.

Is it hypocritical to be working to persuade folks to spend money foolishly on entertainment when they could be prepping?  Perhaps.  I do admit, though, that I frequently point those who do cancel their TV to google "frugal" for help on saving money.  That's how I found prepping.  I believe that anyone who has the strength of mind to cancel mindless entertainment just might be ready to start prepping and seeing the world as it really is.

My two cent's worth?  Cut out the fluff, cancel every useless vice, and get ready for the downward spiral.  When the poop hits the fan, everyone will get hit.

That being said, I have TV for hubby who gets very testy when I try to force him to look at the writing on the wall.  He's barging through life with rose coloured glasses on and his hands over his ears shouting "La la la la la, I can't hear you."  (Literally, he really does do that).  Sigh!