Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter Driving and the Car Kit

Well, winter has arrived on the island a bit early.  It started to snow on Friday evening, and it has been drifting down on and off since.  The forecast is for -8 C (17 F) tomorrow, and I'm not looking forward to scraping the car off before heading off to work.  And like a lot of wise folks , I have been dusting off my car kits and revamping to match the weather.

My car kit resides in the back seat on the floor.  Back east, the one time I had to use my kit, it was in the trunk, and I had a devil of a time getting it out.  After getting out of the car, slipping in the snow, falling half under the car and having the door slam on the middle finger of my right hand, I  managed to get the door open, and rescue my finger. I was forced to use my left hand to battle open the trunk, and I had a hell of a time.  So my kit now lives in the back seat.

Where does your car kit live?  You do have one don't you?  You don't!?!  Well, why not?  Not sure what to put in?  How about booster cables, a first aid kit, water bottles, granola bars, fruit roll-ups, pepperoni sticks, dried apricots, some TP, emergency candles, cups, hand warmers, extra mittens, scarves, socks, extra clothes, some blankets, a couple of towels, emergency sanitation (a bucket, some plastics bags and kitty litter), a shovel, lighters/matches, something stable to put the candles in so they don't melt into your cup holders or onto the dashboard, some books, flares, and so on.  Put your thinking cap on.  You could start with a purchased kit and build from there.  The point is, be prepared.  It's not just a Boy Scout motto.