Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Computer Woes and Strawberries

Well, hubby was bored last week, and decided to help me out by cleaning my computer for me.  He took it apart, used compressed air to blow out the dust, and then got distracted and it was still open and lying in pieces when I got home from work.  I started to put it back together, but he insisted on doing seeing that he took it apart.

Long story short, it's back together, but some of the functions have suddenly gone missing.  For example, my front mounted usb hub/card reader is not working.  Next time he goes fishing, I'll have to take it back apart and check all the connections. 

Then my ancient router finally decided that it just wasn't going to connect anymore, so I purchased a replacement.  Hubby insisted on hooking everything up, but we weren't able to get connected to the internet.  So I called for technical support, and lo and behold, the router was not hooked up to the modem.  Sigh!~  Apparently, it must have "fallen out".

Anyhow, I wasn't able to load in the pictures I took of my beautiful dehydrated strawberries and baby carrots.  The strawberries are delicious dehydrated, and hubby suddenly thinks that dehydrating stuff is really cool!  So he actually started a couple of trays of strawberries all on his own!  Be still, O my heart!