Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Thoughts on OpSec

I believe I mentioned that I have a new job at work.  I'm now "staff" which entailed a raise (yay), somewhat longer work hours (boo), a (shared) office and storage space in the form of my desk and a mostly empty filing cabinet.

I've been working on OpSec at work so that it won't seem odd to my workmates that I store things in my filing cabinet other than paperwork.  I've told them amusing anecdotes about hubby's diabetes and his love of chocolate, so they are quite understanding when I store "chocolate" and other "goodies" in the filing cabinet so he doesn't get into it and make himself ill.

I've also been telling people I'm "cheap" and I prefer to buy stuff when it's on sale, making a point to tell folks "such and such is on sale".  Why, just the other day, the gal at the next desk kindly saved me her coupons because she couldn't be bothered using them.  (Too bad they weren't for something food storage useful). The impression that I have been giving is that the stuff in the cabinet is chocolate and candy, and I occasionally actually buy some and put it in the drawer and make a bit of a production of taking a little bit home for hubby.

I'm also thinking about bringing in a plastic draw unit that can tuck under my desk in the back corner sometime when I'm the only one in.  The knee area is H-U-G-E, and properly positioned, the unit would only be visible if a person got down and looked.  Properly disguised, it could look like it's supposed to be there.  I need to give this further consideration!

Suddenly, I'm flashing on me as a kid and my granddad showing my brother and I the secret compartment in his roll-top desk!  Lol!


True Texan said...

Hang in there! My only thought is eventually your going to need a storage space that is larger...perhaps you can rent one that is the size of a walk in closet? 5x5 or so? Any ways good luck with OPSEC!

Karen McLaughlin said...

Hi Anne,

You responded to my request for reviews of recipes on my blog Abundance on a Dime a while back.I'd like to use the review you left for my Baked Pasta recipe on the back cover of my book. If you'd like me to do so I'll need to know what city you're in - we will use initials only for names and city/state or city/province. Thanks!

Ollamha Anne said...

Hi Karen,

You are very welcome to use my review. Post my city as Victoria BC Canada