Monday, January 17, 2011

Corn Meal

Corn meal is one of the must have items that I try to keep stocked up on in my pantry.  However, these last few months, corn meal has been very difficult to find, and the price has shot up tremendously.  After searching every aisle at several supermarkets, I could only find the measly little 1 pound bags and they have gone up to $2.49 and $2.59 depending on the store, a huge jump from three months ago when the price was $1.79.  In one store, I found the corn meal in the specialty flours section!

Good thing I have some in the pantry, but I'm thinking that I'm going to have to invest in that grain mill sooner than I anticipated.  Popcorn is still available at the same prices for now.


Mamma Bear said...

Wow... What state are you in? I bought about 10 five pound bags several months ago so I am still good. I'll have to check the stores on my trip to town Thursday and see if we are short.

Last year I checked the price of popcorn at Sams and it was way higher than buying cornmeal at that time.

I wonder if anyone has tried the corn at the feed and seed stores to grind? I am not that desperate as of yet but it is something to ponder.

I am going to try to grow a field of dent corn and build a corn crib this year. It was going to be to supplement some of our animal feed but it may end up being cornbread as well!

Ollamha Anne said...

I'm in British Columbia, and the corn is Canadian grown so the sudden shortage is kind of concerning. I also noticed that pre-made polenta is getting scarce as well, and the price has shot up.

I was reading that because of flooding fears on the prairies, many farmers are holding off on purchasing seed until they know where they will even be able to plant.

What's weird is that wheat flour has been on sale almost every other week for the last few months.