Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Two Cents' Worth

I've been reading blogs and sites about the various aspects of preparedness, survivalism, food storage, and all the scenarios that are floating around in peoples' heads about why they need to "stock up and hunker down" for quite a while now, and I thought I would post my thoughts.  Why not!  Everyone is these days it seems.

I'm in my 50s, female, and have the usual weight accumulation that seems to afflict women my age.  It's pretty hard to stay active when the fastest you can go is the speed of your youngest child.  By the time that one gets going faster, you've washed out of the race.  Sucks, but that's life.

I've been more interested in the preppers who are looking long and hard at the reality that when some disaster strikes, or slowly erodes our lifestyle, few of us are going to be able to "get out of Dodge" because there's nowhere to go.  I live on an island.  Mind you, it's a big island, but just the same, most of the goods for sale in the stores are imported from the mainland, so barring a volcano or tsunami happening here, most folks will stay put.

That having been said, I still see the value in being quietly prepared for "unquiet" times.  My partner thinks I'm a "freak" for putting by extras even though those extras saved us when I was laid off work.

My two cents' worth?  Life is uncertain, so it's just smart to prepare for the unexpected.  Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.


Wendy said...

Don't feel bad. My husband thought I was a freak (still does, sometimes, when I get a little too enthusiastic :) when I first started "prepping", but he's coming around now, because he's seen how much money we're saving. All it took was finding that thing that motivated him to look not at my actions, but at my results ;).

Ollamha Anne said...

I'm glad your husband's gotten to see the benefits of being prepared. My hubby is a gentle soul who wears rose-colored glasses, and steadfastly refuses to have his lovely little world sullied by reality.